Liberationchildren and War babies WW11

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John Boers

John Boers At the age of 12, my family and I were liberated by the Canadian Armed Forces in the Northern part of Holland... read more »


John Boers was Royal Honored in the Netherlands on the 30th of June 2002, for the work he has done and still does for the Children of the Liberation. Since many years he has been doing research for children fathered by Allied forces ... read more »

Holland Liberated

The liberation in photograph. A tour through the liberated places in the north, east, west and south of Holland...
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Hoe is dit allemaal begonnen? In de zomer van 1982 gedurende onze vakantie, ontmoetten we een Nederlandse echtpaar met 2 kinderen... lees meer »

Liberationchildren and War babies WW11

John Boers

My name is John Boers. At the age of 12, my family and I were liberated by the Canadian Armed Forces in the Northern part of Holland and it has left a lasting impression on me. After the war ended, many relationships developed between Canadian soldiers and Dutch girls and as result that there are some 5000 or more children were born that have Canadian soldiers as biological fathers.

John Boers

They gave me an understanding as to how important it is for that one to know who she or he is, where ones character comes from, genetically and other matter such as health. Considering it such an important matter that, with the expertise I have, I offered to do the research for Liberation Children of the Netherlands here in Canada. The time is free and the search is done for the cost incurred. It has brought peace to the minds of the many war veterans, their son or daughter in Europe.

Deep interest comes also from the children of the veterans in Canada and many are going to Europe to meet their new found family. I have no intention to publish stories about the fathers and children and any stories that do appear were put there by the parties themselves.

While the Association of Liberation Children and I have been in de press such as Mcleans magazine, newspapers and television, it was them that became attracted to this work and they did a wonderful job to put the issue in a better perspective.

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