Liberationchildren and War babies WW11

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John Boers

John Boers At the age of 12, my family and I were liberated by the Canadian Armed Forces in the Northern part of Holland... read more »


John Boers was Royal Honored in the Netherlands on the 30th of June 2002, for the work he has done and still does for the Children of the Liberation. Since many years he has been doing research for children fathered by Allied forces ... read more »

Holland Liberated

The liberation in photograph. A tour through the liberated places in the north, east, west and south of Holland...
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Hoe is dit allemaal begonnen? In de zomer van 1982 gedurende onze vakantie, ontmoetten we een Nederlandse echtpaar met 2 kinderen... lees meer »

Liberationchildren and War babies WW11

To all my friends and supporters:

When the Canadian Army during WWII was in the UK, Holland and North West Europe and stayed for while due to lack of transportation, many children were fathered by the Canadian soldiers.

For almost 32 years I have volunteered my free time to unite these children, who wanted to, with their Canadian families. I just turned 80 and have decided to phase out the actual searches/investigations in the coming year.
Like to keep more time for my for my family, friends and myself. Has been very rewarding to me as I made many friends in many places.

In 2002 I received Knighthood and became the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in September of 2012. I am very greatfull to the many people that have supported me in finding the roots for these children, help from the Dutch side as well from the official Canadian side. I will keep all the personal files that have not been solved. Other files will be destroyed and no private information will be released to others.

Good health to all of you.

John Boers

Zutphen liberated

Les enfants de Libération des Pays-Bas 1944-1946 Nous sommes des enfants engendrés par des soldats alliés qui ont libéré la Hollande et le Nord-Ouest de l’Europe. Il s’agit d’une association chaleureuse, intègre et compatissante pour tous les enfants de Libération, vétérans et leurs familles. Racines, généalogie et amitié. Le but de cet organisme est de réunir les vétérans de la deuxième guerre mondiale et leurs familles avec des amis ainsi qu’avec les liens généalogiques que les vétérans ont possiblement formés outre-mer durant cette guerre.Aiderons toutes personnes enregistrées avec d’autres organisations ayant le même objectif. Il ne s’agit pas d’une agence d’investigation privée our d’une entreprise commerciale. Références disponibles. La loi canadienne sur la protection de la vie privée est strictement respectée.